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Earth speed

Earth Speed is a series about Adrian Grenier's quest to evolve our relationship to value, and how wiser investments of time and money can make a real impact on our planet.

On this verité-style documentary series, we will follow Adrian Grenier as he searches for partners, companies and entrepreneurs who can change the world for the better.

Created by Adrian Grenier
Produced and directed by Rare Media
Powered by DuContra Ventures
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where are the men?

A Call For & Tribute To The Modern Man.

A RARE Media Original written and performed by Chaim Dunbar

Over 250,000 views and 7,000 shares on facebook.
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Million gardens movement

Video and photo campaign for Big Green and Modern Farmer to donate a million gardens to families and communities in need.

The campaign features artists and celebrities including Salma Hayek, Harrison Ford, Aloe Blacc, Zooey Deschanel and more.

Photos and production - Saint
Video and directing - Akira Chan
Contribute and learn more at milliongardensmovement.org

Get help

Get Help is a technology solution to "help the helpers" (first responders, shelters and service providers)

We've partnered with them to produce media around their mission and track their progress as an early startup in an underserved field.

Things we love about this company: 
Public Benefit Corp, aligns with over 6 of the UN SDGs, amazing team and founder vision, active growth and results. Solving towards: homelessness, mental health, inequality.

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Education and docu-series


Black star

A "Black Star" is an astronomical term for a star that shines so bright, it burns itself out, leaving its mass behind.

This film explores the link between art and addiction, through the creation of a painting that honors the many artists we've lost.

The premier of the film raised over $250,000 in art sales towards addiction recovery.
Visit ArtistsForAddicts.com to learn more

Igniting impact

“Igniting Impact” celebrates the creativity and innovation of 8 entrepreneurs who have aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a meaningful impact on the world.

In partnership with ImpactU.Film

Premiered at The United Nations Summer 2019.

The Mom mentor

The Mom Mentor is an interview series highlighting the timeless wisdom of some of the world’s most successful people, as told by their Mothers.

This captivating series honors the world's matriarchs and elders, making their wisdom available to a whole new generation of millennial parents.

In development
In partnership with MentorCloud

where are the men?

A Call For & Tribute To The Modern Man.

A RARE Media Original written and performed by Chaim Dunbar

Over 250,000 views and 7,000 shares on facebook.
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The power of pregnancy

A 10 minute short film for the mamas among us.

9k+ views, 200 comments, 74 shares on fb
15k+ views on youtube
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Defining fatherhood

Social video on the definition of "Fatherhood."

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our mission driven creative partners

"If you want stellar production, flawless service and great people who are a blast to work with... look no further."

Steven Kotler, author "stealing fire" "abundance" "Bold" "the rise of superman"

"We've made MAGIC together across multiple projects and companies. RARE Media comes with our highest possible recommendation."

Jon and Missy Butcher,  founders of lifebook

"They execute on time and add massive value along the whole chain. So far, the stories we've told have generated millions of dollars in business and we're only getting started."

Jonathan budd, founder, Powur

"From the very beginning, everything was EASY. They totally understood what I needed without me having to say much."

Christine hassler, master coach and international speaker

our story

Co-Founders Akira Chan and Renee Airya Chan
(and Osiris)
Akira Chan is a documentary filmmaker with a passion for stories that transform and inspire. Past projects include “The Bloom,” a docu-series on global festival culture, and production on feature length documentaries “Neurons to Nirvana” and “The Miracle Morning.”

Renee Airya is a brain surgery survivor and international award winning speaker. Her story has been featured in the film "Embrace" (available on Netflix) and on major stages through her signature talk "Flip Your Flaws."

In 2014, Akira and Renee formed Rare Media to create captivating films, documentaries and series with the many best selling authors, business leaders, social entrepreneurs and artists they were surrounded by.

Rare Media has since produced hundreds of videos and films across a number of industries – all with a focus on improving lives and connecting audiences.

We are based California and produce from coast to coast + internationally.

For new project inquiries - Please send a description to

forest rain

Motion graphics

Josh mcmurtrie

Director, DP

Mr. O

pocket CE-O

some of THE rare team

COVID-19 update June 2020
We are adapting to serve our clients in unique and powerful ways.

Some examples include the transition from in-person production to remote recording and interactive broadcast models (livestreams and virtual events), as well as high end production using exclusive stock footage libraries and a remote creative team of animators, shooters, and editors. For clients and businesses in need of media but experiencing financial restrictions, we are offering deferred and adjusted production budgets.
Overall, we are more capable than ever, and look forward to supporting you.

We're in this together.
- Akira and Renee, co-founders, Rare Media